20mm Flat Coil bird rings


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Flat Coil Leg Bands are a popular, easy to fit method of tagging birds.

20.0mm bands are suitable for:

  • Ducks: Adult Small Wild Geese, Egyptian, Pekin, Cayuga, Swedish, Muscovy, Buff, Roman, Pomeranian, Aylesbury
  • Poultry: Australorps, Booted, Brahma, Cochin, Cornish, Frizzle Feather Legged, Jungle Fowl, Langhorne, New Hampshire, Orpington, Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island, Sussex, Wyandotte
  • Game: Peacocks
  • Turkeys: Turkey Hens, Tom Turkeys

20.0mm bands are available in two different options

  • Individual blank bands
  • Sets of 10 consecutively numbered bands numbered 1 to 10

Please use the colour, numbering and quantity boxes to select the options you require, before adding the bands to your shopping cart.

Personalised engraving of flat coil bands (up to seven characters) is also available. Please contact us if you wish to use this service.

    Inventory Available

      Black Brown Dark Blue Green Grey Light Blue Orange Pink Red Violet White Yellow
    Blank 5 14 6 17 11 19 11 16 7 14 10 9
    Numbered 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

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