AC-210 Digital Thermostat Controller


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This high-quality Thermostat/Timer has two switched sockets in it, one is controlled by the temperature, and one is controlled by the time.

We currently use one in a poultry brooder, where one socket turns on a broad-spectrum lamp at dawn and off again at dusk, and the other ensures that the temperature generated by a ceramic heat emitter inside the brooder is around 30 degrees.

It has been tested to NZ Electrical safety standard AS/NZS3760 by a registered electronics technician.

It has a nice back-light LCD display and is relatively easy to set up. Only one timing program is available.

Technical parameters:

Power: 50Hz AC220V
Maximum working load: 2000W
Temperature control working range: From 0 to 50 degrees C (this is the temperature the device will switch at)
Temperature measurement range: -35 ~ 55 degrees C.
Temperature accuracy: ±1℃

Probe length 2.5 meters.

Instructions for use can be found here: AC210

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