Ceramic Heat Emitters and accessories

Unlike regular light bulbs, Ceramic Heat Emitters generate only radiant heat without light. This does not only save you energy, but also does not affect your animals natural circadian rhythms,  simulating a natural cycle and promoting greater health, growth and vitality. Due to their high efficiency, they are much warmer than a standard light bulb and give off an intense radiant heat very quickly - perfect for raising young chicks, ducklings or reptiles. Ceramic Heat Emitters are very durable, and have a longer lifespan than regular incandescent bulbs, which helps offset initial costs. They are suitable as a constant heat source for both poultry and terrariums. 

Ceramic Heat Emitters can get extremely hot, and can singe feathers if not used correctly. Use them only with ceramic sockets, as the heat will melt an ordinary socket over time. (We have first-hand experience of this)!

All our Ceramic Heat Emitters come with a 12 month replacement guarantee. They are all individually tested by a registered electrical service engineer for 24 hours. Our complete pendant set is electrical safety tested to AS/NZS 3760 by a registered technician.